Quality Dental Procedures in Manila Philippines

Did you know that you can save up to 90% for your dental works when you get a treatment abroad? With the help of our Australian agency for dental tourism, you can receive a full dental treatment abroad. Dental clinics in Manila Philippines offer all the current available dental options at a very good price. And you get to see amazing places that you never knew exist. We are specialized in aligners, similar to invisalign. Aligners function like orthodontic braces, their advantage is that they can be removed and that they are invisible.

Consult our price list for a dental check up, tooth cleaning, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth extraction, dental crowning and other dental procedures performed in our top dental clinic in Manila Philippines.

If you have heard about dental tourism in the Philippines, but you are not yet convinced this is your best option, you can compare the cost of dental implants in UAE with the costs practiced for the same treatments in dental clinics from Philippines Manila. Dental clinics in Manila offer you a good price/quality ratio for all dental procedures and can also take care of all the aspects of your visit (flight, accomodation, airport pick-up).

Dental Travel Agency

We are an Australian agency for dental tourism. We can help you save up to 90% for your dental works, offering you attractive alternatives to traditional dental treatments performed in your own country. Our partner, Tooth & Go dental clinic in Manila Philippines assists you with all the current available dental options.We chose Tooth & go as our partner as Tooth & Go reached the Top position in the GCR ratings, beyond all other dental clinics in the Philippines.

Dental Tourism for UAE citizens

We offer you full dental packages: you can get your dental treatment in the Philippines with our help: we will organize your entire stay, providing airplane tickets and accomodation.
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