Dental implants

Sometimes, natural teeth have to be replaced by implants, following an accident, a gum or periodontal disease. No matter in what way you have lost your teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants.

However, before having a tooth implanted, it is important to inform your dental surgeon about your medical status (medication intake).

A good pre-implant preparation is required and this implies a detailed assessment of your overall stomato-gnathic system, within which the teeth function.

This will require records that include study models of your mouth and bite, specialized x-rays and CT scans. Computer imaging planning ensures that dental implants can be placed in exactly the right position in the bone.

Dental implants are cylindrical or slightly conic, helical objects made of titanium, which have to be embedded inside the jawbone. If necessary, prostheses can be attached on top of them. Implants are preferred by dentists as they can preserve the surrounding structures.

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Dental Tourism for UAE citizens

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