In the mean time, consult our prices below:
Prices  Philippines UK Dubai
Consultation Examination, Dental record, Treatment plan 1000 Pesos 35-60US$ 70US$
Oral Prophylaxis Cleaning 25 US$ 50-100US$ 40-120US$
Deep Scaling 175 US$ 350US$ 300US$
Composite Restoration (tooth colored filling) Per surface 25 US$ 125US$/surface 65US$
Incisal Bonding / Occlusal build-up 65 US$ 130US$ 120US$
Flouride treatment (per tooth) 16 US$ 50-100US$ 50-100US$
Simple Extraction 25 US$ 75-300US$ 90-350US$
Surgical: In preparation for dental implants 50 US$ 100-300US$ 100-275US$
Odontectomy Surgical: 3rd Molar 280 US$ 450US$ 400US$
Root Canal
Root Canal Treatment 150 US$ 500-850US$ 400-800US$
Root Canal Treatment (Re-Treatment)(Anterior/Posterior) 170 US$ 500-800US$ 500-1000US$
Internal Bleaching (Ultradent products-per tooth) 150 US$ 400US$ 500US$
Crown Removal 12 US$ 50US$ 50US$
Bleaching 400 US$ 800US$ 700US$
Post & Core 65 US$ 100US$ 90US$
Nightguard 110-200 US$ 300US$ 250US$
Removable Partial Dentures
Complete Denture 350 US$ 700-2500US$ 1000-3400$
Full anatomic gold crown  400 US$ 800-1300US$ 800-1000US$
Porcelain crown with metal inserts
Porcelain crown with gold inserts 450 US$ 700-900US$ 700-900US$
Cad Cam/Press: Cerec/Ineos all Ceramic 380 US$ 900-1200US$ 900-1200US$
Cad Cam: Ineos Zirconia Ceramic 380 US$ 900-1200US$ 900-1200US$
Cad Cam/Press: Cerec Cad Cam Veneers 380 US$ 800-1100US$ 750-1100US$
Cad Cam:Ineos All Ceramic Aluminaoxide 380 US$ 800-1200US$ 800-1100US$
Peri-apical X-ray 10 US$ 35-250US$ 25-250US$
Panoramic X-ray 25 US$ 50-100US$ 70-100US$
3D Imaging DVT Scan (CBCT/Carestream) Per arch 115 US$ 200-300US$ 170-220US$
3D Imaging DVT Scan (CBCT/Carestream) Upper and lower arch 182 US$ 300US$ 275US$
Orthodontics Full Braces From 1000 Us Dollars/depending on the case Ask us 3,3000 – 4400US$ 3000-4000US$
Minor tooth movement 210 US$ 400US$ 300US$
Retainers 110 US$ 300US$ 200US$
Clear Aligners / Invisalign 2500 US$ 5000US$ 6000US$
Dental Implants
Medical Titanium (Switzerland) Conventional two stage 1-5 Implants 970 US$(per unit) up to 4250US$/unit up to 4000US$/unit
6+ implants 800 US$ (per unit) 3800US$  4000US$ 
Surgical Template 70 US$ 250US$ 200US$
Temporary Denture 100US$ 260US$ 320US$
Implant Denture depending on the case
Straumann Gonyx Ct scan or DVT based Surgical Guide 500 US$ 1000-3000US$ 1000-3500US$
Straumann Sla/Sla Active 1350US$ 2200-3000US$ 2100-3200US$
-Mesoabutment with Zirconia abutment & full ceramic crown 750US$ 1200-1500US$ 1200-1500US$
Straumann Gonyx Ct scan or DVT based Surgical Guide 500 US$ 900US$ 850US$
Straumann Sla Active special package (price per unit):
Implant, Zirconia abutment, full ceramic crown 1990 US$ 3500US$/tooth 3700US$/tooth
Nobel Biocare Active implant (per unit) 1350 US$ 2100-3000US$ 2050-3500US$
Nobel Biocare Replace (per unit) 1350 US$ 1900-2500US$ 1850-2200US$
Mesoabutment with Zirconia abutment (with titanium base) & full ceramic crown 750 US$ 1300US$ 1200US$
Nobel Biocare special package (price per unit):
Implant, Zirconia abutment (with titanium base), Full Ceramic crown 1990 US$ 4250US$ 4500US$
Special Offer – Buy 2+ Straumann or Nobel Implant packages and receive a free 3d scan worth $500 Gonyx Ct scan or DVT based Surgical Guide!
Collagen plug socket preservation (including extraction/simple case) : 100 US$ 250US$ 200US$
Horizontal augmentation-split technique (per site) 500-700US$ 900US$ 800US$
Horizontal augmentation (mesh/membrane technique-excluding materials) 500-800US$ 1000-1500US$ 1200-1500US$
Block augmentation (excluding materials) 500-700US$ 1400US$ 1300US$
Sinus Lift 800-1200US$ 1500-1700US$ 1400-1600US$

Tooth&Go offers very good prices for simple and complex dental works that would probably cost a lot more in your own country. Feel free to make a price comparison before booking an appointment.

As soon as you contact us and tell us what your dental problems are, we will present you with a treatment plan and a price assessment. Feel free to ask for a quote.

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